Professor Syed Bashir Hussain Jafri, Nishan-e-Sipas, an Iluminary from the State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir was born on the 15th May, 1934 at Sohawa Sharif District Bagh in a noble religious family of Saadat-e-Gardazia. He received his early education at Dhirkot, Bagh and then passed his matriculation from the Government High School, Rawalakot. For further studies he joined, Islamia Collage Lahore, did his Graduation and passed his M.A from the Punjab University Oriental College, Lahore in 1958. The same year he appeared in Civil Services Competition exam from the Punjab province. He joined civil service at Rawalpindi in capacity of a District Urban Development Officer in August 1958. He worked as a member on the team responsible for shifting of the Central Government offices from Karachi to Rawalpindi in 1960. He got his service transferred from the district Administration to the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad In 1964 (on deputation) then in 1975 he was transferred as Science Promotion Officer (Ministry of Science & Technology Islamabad). During the last two assignments Mr. Jafri remained busy at libraries as a Research Scholar & produced five research papers (Monographs) on different topics wiz Physics, Medical Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Zoology, Agriculture and obtained awards and cash prizes on his works. In all he wrote sixteen books, seven thousand columns, essays, stories, features etc. both in Urdu & English, on multi-dimensional topics and gained honour, respect in the realm of literature. He became a celebrity both in science & arts circle as you will see hereunder. He enjoyed as a visiting professor in UK, USA from 1988 onward. He enjoyed two round the world trips in 1988 and 1989 at his own,


As an Editor

editor-iconFrom 1965 to 1995, I worked as an editor, co-editor or honorary editor, member on the editorial board etc. on about five dailies, two monthly digests twelve weeklies etc. to name I can quote the monthly say yare Digest, Lahore, Hikayat Digest, Lahore The monthly Tazkara Lahore, Weekly Qindeel (Nawa-e-Waqt) Lahore, the Laulak, Faislabad,


As an Diarist

direst-historyFrom 1970, onwards 2011, I started writing daily events and happenings in Pakistan and abroad. Diary maintaining is known since centuries; Ultimately, it becomes a source of history writing. Old kings used to appoint “MUNSHIS” to write a “ROZNAMCHA” viz 3 daily events/happenings in their kingdoms.


As an Archivist

archivist-iconTill 1965, I knew nothing about “ARCHIVE” the kind and the nature of work, because this subject is not taught elsewhere in Pakistan. This is an important subject in the advanced world, where museums on different topics/fields are maintained. During the September, 1965 Indo-Pak war, on Kashmir


As a Sociologist

sociologist-iconThe subject of “social sciences” is more close and nearest to human being. The society makes, shapes a person to ‘behave’ nicely in the society. It needs grooming and then learning through books, teachers and the society. A normal person, with a little knowledge, more teaching or training can become ‘sociologist’


As a Public Servant


I joined as a public servant having passed examination from the Punjab public service commission. I was holding the post of District Rehabilitation and Development Officer for Rawalpindi city. I was transferred to Faisalabad, in the same capacity in 1960-61. Therefrom, I joined the West Pakistan Agricultural University, Faisalabad,


As a Historian

historian-iconBeing from the State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, I myself, participated in the war of liberation (1947-48) at the URI front in the Jhelum Valley in December 1947 till 1948 as a Mujahid. I was then about 15/16 years and a student of 9th class. With this background, I was interested in the Kashmir issue. Around 1962-63, I thought


Syed Bashir Hussain Jafri

Chairman: Kashmir Research and Study Council
Azad Kashmir Government Muzaffarabad


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